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SMCGC owns the extra grade intelligence contracting of smelting engineering and extra grade qualification in general contracting of building construction engineering, extra grade EPC contract for metallurgical works, 1st grade qualification in earthwork & steel structure engineering, municipal utility engineering, mechanical and electricity installation engineering, petrochemical engineering. It also possesses the 2nd grade qualification in bridge engineering, waterproof work, tunnel work, professional furnace & kiln engineering, power receiving and transformation engineering and concrete prefabricated component engineering. Additionally, the company has the abroad contracting-laboring franchise right issued by National Ministry of Foreign Trade, which gives the company the right to contract the domestic and international metallurgy, nonferrous engineering, building engineering and international tender qualifications domestic and abroad.



SMCGC achieves countless rich fruits in industry, civil building, municipal administration, road and other engineering projects, which independently contracts and accomplishes Guangzhou University Center Stadium and Gymnasium Engineering, Guizhou University Gymnasium Engineering, Guiyang Jingong Road Transformation and Jingong Road Overpass A Section, Yumo town Huanglaojing via Chayuan County to Zhongdu Road Project, Guizhou Aluminum Changchong Mining 1# 2# Road Bridge, Guiyang to Huangguoshu High-Grade Highway, Dafang to Nayong Road Transformation engineering, Meitan-Wongan Highway, Leigongshan Tourist Road, and Jinyang Jinzhu Road engineering Project construction etc.



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